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Ultimate Guide to Reporting in Office 365: Native Reports

Your Office 365 environment is absolutely teeming with data. A truly unnerving amount.

But there is little value in your Office 365 data unless it is:

  1. Easy to access
  2. Able to provide you with the detail you need
  3. Readily available to the people who need it

For this, you need reports. The first stop for most people to find this information is the Office 365 Admin Center. So that's where we've started with this first instalment of our Ultimate Guide to Office 365 Reporting.

In this white paper we look at the Native Reports – the functionality that's built in to Office 365 – to assess how easy it is to access, what information you can get, and who can get it. We consider how the Native Reports and their limitations interact with business needs for some typical use cases. If you need to get data out of Office 365 and want to start with the Native Reports, this white paper will tell you what you need to know.

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