Ticking Time Bombs:
Why you need to migrate your
PST Files

Co-hosted by Quadrotech CEO Thomas Madsen and Product Owner Mike Weaver

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Unlike a ticking time bomb, there’s no discernible sound that will alert you to the presence of a lawsuit-causing, GDPR-infringing PST file in your IT environment. You never know when the contents might explode into your business, causing IT and management headaches, costs, data loss, or potential reputational damage.

Dramatic? Maybe. Has it happened to big, household name companies before? Absolutely.

This webinar will outline the crucial reasons why doing nothing is not viable when it comes to PSTs. In the same way that you get bomb disposal involved for a ticking time bomb, you have to do something to de-risk your PST files – and there are a handful of options depending on the situation.

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