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Want OUs for Office 365? The wait is over - Microsoft delivers Azure AD Administrative Units

Have you missed Active Directory Organisational Units (OUs) since you moved to the Cloud? You're not alone. Imagine you're managing a huge environment, with numerous business units who are perfectly capable of coordinating, licencing and supervising their own function. Rather than assigning them the admin permissions to do this, instead you have to deal with a constant onslaught of requests and actions, which have to be implemented from the top down. Desperate for delegation capabilities? We bet.

Many organisations on Office 365 have opted for ISV solutions that provide a basic level of delegation and administration on a tenant basis, solely to get around this problem - at an extra cost to their business.

Some of our customers have even had to create separate Office 365 tenants in order to grant appropriate permissions for delegation and RBAC purposes – if this sounds complicated from a licencing and management perspective, that's because it is - it's a needs must option.

But not anymore.

Microsoft's preview for this native functionality - Azure AD Administrative Units - is here and not a moment too soon. It means that you no longer need third party solutions or multiple Office 365 tenants just to set administrative boundaries.

This webinar will take you through everything you need to know to get started with Microsoft Azure AD Administrative Units. Download the recording to find out all about: the requirements, setting up, working with administrative units, and the current technical limitations associated with using the new functionality.

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