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So you've migrated to Exchange Online... now what? What to expect after making the move

So you've made the move from on-premises mail to Exchange Online – congratulations! Or perhaps you're nearing the end of your migration and are starting to look ahead to what you'll need to do once the project is complete?

You've probably found that there is a lot of information online about migrating to Office 365 – forums, support articles, blogs – with topics ranging from consideration, planning, execution, and anything in-between. You may have also noticed that there is a lot less discussion about what happens next. With the migration completed, you're in a whole new environment with different settings, capabilities and while, yes - the hardest part is over, it's likely that there are some areas of managing Exchange Online that seem unfamiliar and perhaps a little bewildering.

This webinar will explore the main things Office 365 Admins need to know about Exchange Online after completing your migration. Learn about the main challenges and differences to on-premises, and find out how to make the initial stages of operating within Exchange Online as straightforward as possible.


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