Optimizing PowerShell for large Office 365 tenants

Hosted by Alan Byrne and Vasil Michev

Running PowerShell scripts on larger Office 365 tenants can cause all kinds of problems with speed, throttling, and accurate output, but that doesn’t mean PowerShell isn’t a viable method for reporting.

All you need is a few workarounds, and some guidance on practices for reducing run time - increasing the quality of output to optimize the data you’re able to get out of the tool.

Following on from the popularity of our Office 365 Scripting Workshop, our follow-up webinar will show you how to:

  • Properly utilize filtering
  • Minimize the network and memory footprint
  • Work around some of the limitations of implicit remoting
  • Handle throttling
  • Split execution into batches

We will also talk about the benefits of using full-blown scripts instead of the pipeline, reusing data obtained previously or making the best out of the built-in reports.

If you use PowerShell and you manage a larger Office 365 tenant, this webinar is not to be missed!

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License Lifecycle Management

License Lifecycle Management

When it comes to Office 365 license management, enterprise organizations face two significant challenges:

  1. Over-purchasing: Your total number of licenses exceeds the number assigned.
  2. Under-utilization: Poor user adoption means assigned licenses go untouched.

Each of these are costly: Over-purchasing consumes cash that could be better spent elsewhere, and under-utilization defeats the purpose of investment, which is to improve user productivity.

Tackling these challenges requires effective Office 365 license management.