Office 365 Tenant Divestitures: How to manage your breakup

Hosted by Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech
If your organization is selling off a business unit perhaps to a competitor – there are many things that could go wrong, putting your data security at risk.

Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations are complex at the best of times, but divestitures are more difficult than mergers and acquisitions because additional considerations come into play.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:
  • Data collection and security – how to decide what stays, what needs to move, and how to ensure you cut the right people off
  • Separation methods – Exploring both user-driven and automated approaches
  • What to ask your leadership team – Getting on top of your processes in the planning stages
  • Setting user and management expectations  – Effectively communicating the change to avoid any nasty surprises 

The effort of removing data is often underestimated and under-planned, but this technical session for IT managers, Exchange admins and Office 365 engineers will set you up for success.

Please complete the form to register, and come prepared with your questions. All registrants will be sent a link to the video recording, so please sign up even if you can't make the live event. 

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