Office 365 Tenant Consolidation: Enabling a Truly Collaborative Remote Learning Experience

Hosted by Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations, and Julian Stephan, Senior Delivery Consultant

Recorded November 2020

Schools and Universities have seen a dramatic shift towards remote learning in 2020, and are now finding a critical flaw in their Office 365 setup. Having separate tenants with Faculty and Staff in one and Students in another used to make sense, but this approach does not allow for the cross-collaboration that is drastically needed right now.

Remote learning isn’t a new concept. However, with the COVID pandemic, it is mainly synchronous remote learning - most classes are still occurring at a set date and time, rather than being self-paced. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are generally ill-prepared to handle this.

Consolidating Staff, Faculty, and Students together on a single Office 365 tenant will help to remove these barriers and ensure that centers of Higher Education continue to adapt to the changing landscape, providing the best possible experience and attracting high-quality students. Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn how to enable this change.


During the session, we answer:

  • How to do these projects on a budget?
  • How does tenant consolidation work?
  • When is the right time?
  • What do I need to prepare my Students & Faculty for?

Aimed at IT professionals in the Education sector, this session will guide you through the key considerations to help you prepare for cross-tenant migrations.

This webinar will also be of particular interest to Managed Service Providers with clients in the Education space.

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About your hosts

Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations

Mike has worked on some of the largest Office 365 tenant migration projects in the world, helping one client consolidate 120 individual tenants into a single service.

As the Product Owner of Cloud Commander, Quadrotech's Office 365 tenant migration tool, he has world-leading knowledge in this niche.

Julian Stephan, Senior Delivery Consultant

Julian has over 15 years of cross-platform experience in systems administration. His superior troubleshooting and technical support abilities with migration projects make him a valuable member of the Quadrotech team.