Office 365 Security for the Busy Admin
Recorded on July 17, 2019
Do you have your head in the clouds when it comes to Office 365 security? 
Office 365 has extremely robust security. There is a huge range of built-in and additional features to help you keep your environment safe, but they need to be understood and configured effectively to provide the best protection. 
In this webinar, Doug Davis takes a deep dive into Office 365 tenant security and demonstrates how to avoid misnomers, or security info overload, and keep your tenant well-protected. 

You can expect to find out:

  • What does a ‘secure’ Office 365 tenant look like?
  • Which tools can help evaluate the security of your Office 365 tenant
  • Why some tools give a false sense of security
  • What Microsoft Secure Score is and what it really means for your tenant
  • How to determine if your tenant is truly secure
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