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New ways to work with Office 365: Present with Sway or Build a Stream   

Our final webinar in the series on new productivity apps in Office 365 ended in a split session, taking a look at both Microsoft Stream and Sway.

Part 1: ‘YouTube for Business’: Introducing Microsoft Stream

Stream is a new video management tool designed for businesses. The tool is still in preview, but it has a big future ahead of it. If you use Office 365 Video, then you might be aware of the plans to merge the two video services. Stream has some exciting new capabilities that will be built into the current Office 365 Video experience, so we take a brief look at Stream’s current capabilities, as well as exploring the new features planned for the tool.

Part 2: When you think presentation, do you automatically think PowerPoint? 

While it’s definitely the go-to tool for creating, and presenting slides – what if you need something less traditional, more creative – and more modern? Enter Office Sway, a tool for creating presentations, reports, newsletters and more. Want to know how to make and share a ‘Sway’? Make sure you watch the webinar to find out.

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