How To Rapidly Enable Working From Home: 5 Practical Tips To Maximize Microsoft Teams

Hosted by Paul Robichaux, Quadrotech's CTO and Microsoft MVP

We have spoken at length on adopting Microsoft Teams and how to do so effectively. One of the recurring themes is effective planning and preparation - but as we're seeing right now due to COVID-19, sometimes such planning and preparation isn't possible.

In this on-demand webinar, Paul offers some clear advice, guidance and support on what organizations can do if they find themselves needing to ensure their workforce rapidly adopt Microsoft Teams.

During the session, Paul covers:

  • How to facilitate collaboration between teams that are widely dispersed
  • Getting to grips with feature parity between Teams clients on different devices
  • Supporting people onto the first rung of the Teams ladder

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Paul Robichaux

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Paul Robichaux, Chief Technology Officer

Paul has been an Office Servers and Services MVP since 2002, and is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Quadrotech, where he leads the product development team for our suite of Office 365 migration and management solutions.

Paul's unique background includes stints writing Space Shuttle payload software in FORTRAN, developing cryptographic software for the US National Security Agency, helping giant companies deploy Office 365 to their worldwide users, and writing about and presenting on Microsoft’s software and server products. Paul’s an avid (but slow) triathlete, an instrument-rated private pilot, and an occasional blogger and Tweeter (@paulrobichaux).