How to Prepare for Office 365 License Renewal

Hosted by Paul Robichaux, Quadrotech CTO and Microsoft MVP

Recorded September 2020

If your organization is on Microsoft Office 365, you’re almost certainly overspending on your license.

How do we know? We have the data.

Quadrotech research suggests the average enterprise with 10,000 users on E3 licensing wastes $150K per annum on unused or underutilized licenses. At a time when corporate finances are in the spotlight, that’s a huge sum to squander.

If you want to become your Finance Director’s best friend via a strategic approach to Office 365 license renewal, make sure you tune in for this webinar.


During the session, you'll learn:

  • How to understand what you have versus what you need
  • How to use free Microsoft tools to gather data, but what the limitations are
  • How to encourage users to adopt their workloads, ensuring value for money
  • How to move from a ‘True-Up’ mentality to a ‘True-Down’ reality with third-party license analysis

Aimed at IT managers, Office 365 Admins, MSP Partners, and Software Asset Management professionals, this session will guide you through the key issues to help you prepare for renewal time.

The webinar will also be of particular interest to organizations involved in merger and acquisition activity, as multiple rollups and auto-renewals could severely impact your bottom line.

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About your host

Paul Robichaux, CTO and Microsoft MVP

Paul has been an Office Servers and Services MVP since 2002 and is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Quadrotech, where he leads the product development team for our suite of Office 365 migration and management solutions.

Paul's unique background includes stints writing Space Shuttle payload software in FORTRAN, developing cryptographic software for the US National Security Agency, helping large companies deploy Office 365 to their worldwide users, and writing about and presenting on Microsoft’s software and server products. Paul’s an avid (but slow) triathlete, an instrument-rated private pilot, and an occasional blogger and Tweeter (@paulrobichaux).