How to migrate data between Office 365 Tenants: a co-hosted webinar with Content and Code

Co-hosted by Steve Goodman (Microsoft MVP) and Mike Weaver (Director of Enterprise Migrations)

There are many reasons why organizations need to relocate, consolidate, or migrate data between Office 365 tenants, but as many businesses have found, it’s not a straightforward process. 

Some workloads move easier than others, and there are several 'Gotchas!' that will catch out even the most experienced cloud migration practitioner.

During this session, we explore:

  • Best practices and considerations for migrating data between Office 365 tenants
  • Which services move easily, and what you need to be aware of for the others

Aimed at IT managers, Exchange admins, Office 365 engineers, and Managed Service Providers, download this webinar if you’re facing an Office 365 tenant migration project, or simply want to learn more about how cloud migrations work.

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Mike & Steve

About your hosts

Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations

Mike has worked on some of the largest Office 365 tenant migration projects in the world, helping one client consolidate 120 individual tenants into a single service.

As the Product Owner of Cloud Commander, Quadrotech's Office 365 tenant migration tool, he has world-leading knowledge in this niche.

Steve Goodman, Microsoft MVP for Office 365 Servers and Services

Steve enjoys getting hands-on, solving some of the more complex problems associated with migrating to the cloud, or to newer versions of the Exchange Server.