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Have you clicked them yet? End to end project management using the latest tools in Office 365: Part One

One of the best things about Office 365 is that you are always up to date. You get the latest versions delivered straight to your portal, without being halted by lengthy download times. And it’s not just updates that are delivered without much warning or fanfare – new features and services are constantly cropping up in the solution too.

Do you notice every time that a new tile pops up? Or does it take you some time to register any new additions? More importantly, how long is it until you click on it?

More often than not, we go into work, open up the same applications, in the same order every day – using the established tools that have become an essential part of our working routine.

But no matter whether you use them or not, these new services – that are exclusive to Office 365 – are part of your licence fee. By supplementing your essential, day-to-day tools with newcomers such as Office 365 Groups, Flow, Planner or Stream, you are immediately getting more value out of your subscription. Not to mention, as these tools can do some pretty clever and useful things, you are also getting more productivity and better integration from your platform.

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