Exposed: Remote Work and Problems with PST Files

Hosted by Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech

The mass shift to remote work has highlighted major problems with PST files, most notably in the sense they're locked away on office computers while everyone's working from home.

If your users are accustomed to accessing PSTs for everyday business operations, this is obviously bad news, which is why many organizations have accelerated their PST to Office 365 migrations, ensuring cloud connectivity for critical data.

The risks and limitations of PST files have been well known for years, but the need to upgrade the user experience has become more apparent than ever. 

During this 20-minute webinar, we cover:

  • Network disconnects and latency issues
  • Server placement decisions
  • How to centralize network PST files and those on remote workstations

Aimed at IT managers, Exchange admins, Office 365 engineers, Compliance Officers, Data Security professionals, and MSP Partners, this session will outline everything you need to know about PST files in the modern world, and how to overcome the challenges they present.

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Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech

About your host

Mike Weaver, Director of Enterprise Migrations

Mike has worked on some of the largest Office 365 migration projects in the world, helping Enterprise clients upgrade complex IT systems.

As Product Owner of PST Flight Deck, he is passionate about tackling the issues posed by PST files. and is ultimately on a mission to help you locate, migrate, and eradicate them from your environment.