Crucial IT Considerations for Cross-Region Divestitures

Following our session on Mergers & Acquisitions, part two in our webinar series will explore key considerations for Divestiture activity when it comes to IT Administration and Office 365.

As we saw in the last session (watch here if you missed it), there is a lot to consider from an IT/Office 365 perspective when a company undertakes a merger, acquisition, or any changes that segment or alter the way that a company’s IT is configured or provisioned.

Join Paul Robichaux (Microsoft MVP) and Mike Weaver (Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech) to find out how to divest Office 365 tenants, including:

  • The process of splitting Office 365 tenants, and key considerations.
  • Potential challenges along the way.
  • Solutions or services that can help move or divest Office 365 tenants.
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