Critical data security considerations for

cross-region Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are challenging, and their complexity only increases with scale, scattered locations, not to mention the diverse policies, and governing laws that all need to be complied with.

In terms of IT Administration and Management, these kinds of events can be a complete nightmare, especially in the early stages - when systems and processes are being consolidated. The ensuing result? Inconsistent IT policies, poor collaboration functionality between newly established teams, and different rules for different units within the business. It can take time, and careful planning to bring everything under ‘one roof’.

Part 1 of our upcoming webinar series, hosted by Paul Robichaux (Microsoft MVP), and Mike Weaver (Director of Enterprise Migrations at Quadrotech) will explore considerations when merging, consolidating, or relocating tenants in Office 365 during mergers and acquisitions. They will also cover the implications for data sovereignty, data protection, and interoperability between tenants, and regions during this process

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