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AUs and beyond, exploring O365 Role Based Access Control



Managing large Office 365 organizations can be a challenge, and even more so when you have multiple subsidiaries across the globe.

In many cases you might need to separate the administration of different units within the business or delegate tasks to help desk staff. While some workloads within Office 365 feature robust Role-based admin controls that can be used to achieve this, others lack in this regard.

In this webinar, we will discuss and showcase the Administrative units feature, which is the first step towards enabling RBAC for Azure AD, the underlying directory service on which all Office 365 workloads rely upon.

Hosted by Vasil Michev (Microsoft MVP) and Greg Jones (Product Owner at Quadrotech), this session will...

  • See what the Office 365 Admin portal looks like now that AUs have been made available.
  • Find out how to create and manage AUs.
  • Explore the benefits and limitations of this new functionality.
  • Evaluate other options for O365 management, including Quadrotech's management solution 

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