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Analyze your company's Office 365 Mail Traffic statistics with Power BI

Power BI is an extremely powerful tool, and like many powerful tools, it can also be more than a little confusing to use. Alan Byrne, MVP, CEO and co-founder of Cogmotive Reports, will demonstrate how you can export raw Message Trace logs from Office 365 and use Power BI to perform analysis on this mail traffic information.

During the webinar, we will use the Power BI console to create a range of dashboards and reports, that will show you how to find:

  • The number of emails sent and received per day or per hour
  • The top senders and receivers between two dates
  • Mail traffic activity throughout the day
  • Most active periods for mail traffic, including email sent outside of business hours.
  • Which of your domains receive the most mail?
  • Who are your top recipients, and who sends the most mail to you?

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