Office 365 Global Admin Best Practices

Written by Joshua Bines, Office 365 Technical Consultant

There's been an international surge in Office 365 user adoption, which has facilitated new remote working trends. During this time, 'Office 365 Global Admin best practices' has become one of the most popular Microsoft-related searches denoting there is a demand for more information in this area. 

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) finds there are issues related to quick cloud deployment and failure to meet with security best practices. And as Office 365 admins, your job is to cast eagle-eyed scrutiny over highly privileged accounts in any environment. 


In this white paper, you'll learn

  • Critical Global Admin best practices for securing your envrionment
  • How to secure passwords and solidify your security processes
  • Privileged Identity Management & Privileged Access Workstation, Managed Devices, Approved Locations and more

In this white paper, Joshua Bines takes a technical dive into considerations when securing environments and delegating access and control. 

Download the white paper here

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About the author

Joshua Bines is an Office 365 Technical Consultant. 

Joshua is a Freelance Technical Consultant providing specialized professional services to support Office 365. Forever a tech enthusiast, his focus is developing critical skills to solve complex problems and helping others, ‘get stuff done!’ His pleasure is speaking at events, digging deep into technical topics, and sharing learned knowledge with fellow engineers. 

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