How to Master Office 365 Management After Your Migration

Co-hosted by Doug Davis (Product Owner, Quadrotech) and Brad Sams (

Migrating to Office 365 presents a host of benefits to enterprise organizations, from cloud collaboration and multi-factor authentication to instant software updates and enhanced eDiscovery.

However, as intrepid Global Admins survey their new kingdom, enthusiasm can soon turn to despair, as navigating the new terrain can feel alien and unfamiliar.

There’s a world of difference between the cloud and on-prem Exchange, and in this webinar – co-hosted by Petri’s Brad Sams and Quadrotech’s Doug Davis – we outline how you can overcome Office 365 management challenges and maximize your investment.

The journey you'll learn:

  • Get a handle on the new Infrastructure
  • Make it secure
  • Clean up post-migration

Post-migration management challenges are always a hot topic, as Global Admins look to get on top of their tenant. Doug has plenty of wisdom to share in this field.

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About your host

Doug Davis, Product Owner

Doug has over 20 years' experience in Product Management for Microsoft-related technology, and oversees the reporting and analytics functionality of Nova - Quadrotech's Office 365 management software.