How to Manage 'Teams Sprawl'

Authors: MVP Vasil Michev | Natalie Frith

‘Teams Sprawl’ is what happens when people are allowed to create Teams on demand, with no oversight or planning—you end up with loads of seldom-used or dead Teams, empty channels, and data scattered all over chats, channels, and Files tabs.

As more and more organizations continue to adopt Office 365, the adoption and popularity of Microsoft Teams is soaring. Recent numbers revealed by Microsoft report that Teams has hit 20M daily users, a 50% uptick in just four months.

In this resource, we delve deeper into:

  • What Teams Sprawl is, how it occurs, the implications and how different organizations manage it
  • A technical approach to managing Teams Sprawl via programmatic methods
  • Quadrotech's approach to managing Teams Sprawl

A collaborative cloud-based tool that seamlessly enables online meetings, the ability to chat with co-workers, make calls and upload files for sharing, once Teams is introduced it quickly tends to become a highly valuable tool, especially for remote workers and those working on projects together.

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About the author

Vasil Michev has closely followed the evolution of Microsoft's Productivity Cloud offerings since the very beginning with BPOS.

With a career that has spanned the industry, from Frontline Engineer to Consultant, Michev has a unique and wide-reaching experience, encompassing all stages of the Office 365 adoption lifecycle. In his spare time, he enjoys getting involved in various Office 365 communities, helping like-minded people, and writing blog posts. His contributions have earned him the Microsoft MVP Award multiple times.