The Complete Guide to Eradicating PST Files

Authored by Paul Cunningham, Dan Clark and Thomas Madsen

PSTs are no longer necessary today. They are outdated, hard to control or centralize, and vulnerable to corruption.

Hitting the mainstream news at the time of the Sony hack in 2014 - which was all down to PSTs - there's no need for these files to still exist.

But unfortunately, they do. Far too many organizations still utilize them, putting themselves under unnecessary risk.

That needs to change.

Simply put, it’s time to eradicate PSTs.

Read this ebook to discover:

  • How PSTs are used in a Microsoft Exchange environment
  • Some of the practical and operational difficulties that are encountered
  • How the data contained in PSTs can be migrated to Microsoft Office 365

With over 80 pages of expert advice and guidance, this ebook discusses the problems with PSTs, the challenges in eliminating PSTs, and the tools available to do this.

Simply fill in the form to access your copy of the ebook and begin eradicating PST files from your environment.

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About the authors

The three authors of this ebook - Paul Cunningham, Dan Clark and Thomas Madsen - are veterans Microsoft technology, having consulted on numerous PST to Office 365 migration projects.

Bringing them together to share their collective knowledge, advice and guidance on PST files, their combined experience - as well as that of Tony Redmond, who wrote the foreword for the ebook - is unrivalled and culminates in a particularly in-depth and insightful ebook for anyone looking to further their knowledge on PST files.